Hello Fremont and the world!

13 Sep


About this blog:
This is another blog for you Fremont lovers. I hope to cover interesting tidbits about our little town called Fremont. I don’t intend to duplicate any other outfits, bloggers, or newspapers that may be out there.

This blog is intended to be un-biased as possible. All things covered will be from a neutral standpoint and allow people to get the details and make up their own mind.

The blog will be policed as much as time allows to maintain the decorum of public debate yet prevent it from being a source of embarrasment for our community.

The Fremont political blog will begin with the players of the local political scene in Fremont. They will be featured in no particular order and will start with the current elected officials starting tomorrow.


One Response to “Hello Fremont and the world!”

  1. Jennifer de Guzman (@Jennifer_deG) September 13, 2011 at 4:48 pm #

    Are you going to remain anonymous or might we know who you are/what part of Fremont you live in, etc.?

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