Indian Americans flood Fremont School Board meeting chambers

13 Sep

Thanks to a fellow school board member for this interesting story. Indian Americans marched by the boat load to the Fremont school board meeting at Technology drive yesterday. Apparently, they were upset that they were not being allowed use of the gym facilities for a community event hosted by Gujrati Cultural Association. The school administration had approved the use by the group, while Washington High School administration was giving the group a run around.

Daxesh Choxsi, president of GCA, articulated his belief that the pencil pushers at Washington High School were behaving partial to the group and felt that they were bias against the group and/or the community. He suggested that Fremont look at ways to become more inclusive of newer communities who have unique yet different needs than the older anglo-saxon community. He also reiterated that the event was a religious and cultural event and there were no alcohol or other concerns.

Mahesh Patel, Vice President of GCA and local business owner, couldn’t understand why the school wouldn’t allow them use of the Washington High School gym, when they had met all of their conditions of a five million liability policy and paying anything and everything to make the event happen. Patel felt that this could help the community raise funds for Fremont Unified School Districts. He also said that one of the school prinicipals told him that the school was private property and they could do whatever they want.

The school district allowed the use of the site, but only until 11pm despite the group’s urging. The group wanted to have the site until midnight as the religious event was meant to last until the following day.

The superintendent, Jim Morris, reiterated his commitment to get a fast resolution by today.


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