All is well in Fremont and the world

14 Sep

All is well in the world now that retired Assemblymember John Dutra, the Dutra family, and prominent democrats are backing the same candidate.  Hayward City Councilmember Bill Quirk  is running for Assembly for the 18th district.   Recall,  that this was a former “Hayward” seat and now has shifted to include parts of Fremont.

It’s surprising that the Dutras’ and prominent Democrats including former Assemblymember Alberto Torrico, and current Assemblymember Bob Wiecowski of the 20th district have both endorsed Bill Quirk.  Democrats were irked when they saw their former democratic candidate John Dutra support former republican Garrett Yee in his bid for Assembly and later his unwavering support of Meg Whitman.

All must be well in the world…or at least in Fremont.  Will this collaboration continue on other candidates?  It remains to be seen.

More coverage on this assembly race to come soon…


One Response to “All is well in Fremont and the world”

  1. Bill Quirk September 16, 2011 at 8:10 am #

    One small correction on the post. The new district that includes Hayward, Union City, much of Fremont and the unincorporated areas is the 20th.

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