Ro Khanna and Congress

19 Sep

Ro Khanna is no stranger to running for congress . He ran unsucessfuly in 2004 against former Congress member Tom Lantos in San Mateo county. Khanna moved to Fremont and has expressed his interest in running for congress in the future. Khanna wants to represent Congressmember Pete Stark’s seat once Stark resigns from office. However, Stark doesn’t have any intention to resign any time soon. Stark has declared his candidacy for 2012 amongst media and community leaders.

Khanna was appointed in 2009 by President Barrack Obama to serve as the Deputy assistant secretary in the commerce department. Khanna resigned from his post last month and returned to Fremont to work as an attorney. Rumors of Khanna gearing up to run for congress in 2012 surfaced upon Khanna’s return to Fremont. Articles such as this didn’t help end these rumors.

According to insiders, Khanna will not run against Pete Stark. Recent reports indicate that Senator Ellen Corbett has opened her committee to run for congress as well. Other potential candidates include Assemblemember Mary Hayashi as well as anyone and everyone who is currently elected in any capacity.


2 Responses to “Ro Khanna and Congress”

  1. Cindy Corrello Hilke September 20, 2011 at 11:25 am #

    Let me make this very, very clear – Ro is not running – he is supporting Pete 100% – period, exclamation point!!!! Ro is fiercely loyal to the Congressman and nothing is going to change that. It is the others who are running that are disloyal to the Congressman. Pete’s 30 years of service to this community have earned him the loyalty of all – so sad that is not happening.

  2. John Lafferty November 28, 2011 at 8:32 pm #

    I just got my VISA bill and there was a $1000 charge for RO for Congress that I did not authorize. What the hell is going on here? I have never even heard of Ro Khanna.

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