Fremont City Council race 2012

27 Sep

Everybody and their dog wants to become a city council member of Fremont. Sentiments of candidates range from wanting to serve to remove sitting incumbents from office to serving to solve an issue or concern in the community. Some candidates are narrow in focus while others have broad appeal.

In 2012 there are two open seats for Fremont city council. One of those two seats is currently occupied by incumbent Councilmember Sue Chan. The “vacant” seat is currently occupied by Appointed incumbent Councilmember Dominic Dutra. The seat will stay open if Dutra sticks to his promise to vacate the seat as declared in the press and city council meetings.

The breakdown of the candidates for the city council race goes something like this:

Heavyweight contenders
(alphabetical order)
Vinnie Bacon
David Bonacorssi
Yogi Chugh
Dirk Lorenz
Raj Salwan

Middleweight contenders
Teresa Cox
Moina Shaiq
Rakesh Sharma

Fazlur Khan
Linda Susoev

I will feature a profile on each of the “heavyweight” candidates in the near future.


2 Responses to “Fremont City Council race 2012”

  1. Dirk lorenz September 27, 2011 at 8:26 pm #

    Yes, I may very well run. Maybe for mayor. Either way, my primary goal will be to focus on Centerville. I want for the citizens of Fremont the Center For The Performing Arts…a catalyst project that will bring this community together. It will also spur private investment in the area that will lead to Privately funded improvements by the property owners. This along with street median improvements will transform Centerville by attracting new restaurants and shops to the existing cosmopolitan mix that exists today. This type of improvement to the downtown will also attract residents to live in planned transit oriented development that utilize the Centerville Train Station that serves the Great America ACE station. (a 17 minute train ride where a well coordinated shuttle service and VTA light rail serves all Silicon Valley employment centers.)
    This fact alone is one of Centerville secret treasures…perfectly positioned for an easy commute. We simply need to create the “place to play” in Centerville. The key is the Center Theater. Invest there and everything else will fall into place.


  1. Sue Chan seeks reelection « Fremont Politics - June 1, 2012

    […] city council race is shaping up…yet we still have yet to hear from other leading city council candidates. Campaign kickoffs are starting soon with Vinnie Bacon hosting the first one on Saturday, June 9th. […]

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