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Fire at a Fremont home this morning

29 Oct

A fire burned this morning at a Fremont home on D street. Fortunately, no one was hurt but the damage was estimated at around $400,000.

Developer sticks one to Save Kimber Park

29 Oct

Fremont Tennis Club is closed indefinitely for repairs

The developer Civitaf group and/or landowner Sheena Chang posted the following notice outside the Fremont Tennis Club notifying everyone that they have closed the Tennis club for repairs and maintenance. On top of that, they have not provided any timetable for repair. It sounds like tit-for-tat as the developer reacts to Save Kimber Park’s vocal criticism of it’s development plans.

Mary Hayashi charged with shoplifting

29 Oct

CBS has this video on Mary Hayashi’s shoplifting.

Mary Hayashi caught stealing

28 Oct

Here are links to other stories on Mary Hayashi’s felony for shoplifting:

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi charged with felony grand theft

28 Oct

Assemblywoman Mary Hayashi was charged with felony grand theft for shoplifting three items worth approximately $2450 from Nieman Marcus.

Mary Hayashi was gearing up to run for Senate once Senator Ellen Corbett terms out. Hayashi was sitting on war chest of over $750,000 for her Senate campaign. It looks like the stars won’t line up for Hayashi. If she truly shoplifted from the store then it is a big disgrace for her and the entire assembly.

Newark Mayor’s race is heating up

23 Oct

If you were to go by the number of campaign signs in Newark, you’d expect Ray Rodriguez to win. However, elections are won by ground campaigns focused on door knocking, and voter calling. Just ask Ishan Shah, a candidate who put up a bazillion signs in his bid for Ohlone School board.

If you were to go by support outside Newark, Ana Apodaca would win it hands down. A large majority of Fremont and neighboring cities are campaigning for Apodaca. With that being said, the main result of the election will be dictated by the people of Newark.

Al Nagy doesn’t have much of a campaign, and Nagy has missed key endorsement meetings. However, Nagy has got the old guard behind him and that may ultimately put him over the edge.

I predict that this election will be a squeaker, and in Newark anyone can win as long as they get their people out to vote. Former Assembly member Alberto Torrico won with as little as 32 votes over the other candidate when he first ran for Newark city council in 2001.

Here is a link to Newark Mayor 2011

First win for Save Kimber Park

18 Oct

The residents of Kimber Park prevailed in their desire to modify the Fremont General Plan to include the site currently owned by Sheena Chang to private open space. The group, Save Kimber Park, stormed the planning commission on October 13, 2011 with their green T-shirts and signs demanding the planning commission change the designation to private open space to save the park from being developed into luxury homes.

Representing the developer, Civitaf Group, was consultant Roger Shank. The decision by the planning commission was made easier since the city staff strongly believed that the historical record suggested that the park was always intended to be open space. Fremont city staff was supportive of making Kimber Park open space which would limit future development at the site.

The planning commission voted 6-1 in favor of maintaining the site as private open space. The lone dissenting voice was Lisa Quan.

However, this decision doesn’t prevent the developer from developing on the site, it certainly is one more hindrance. This isn’t the last time we’ve heard from Save Kimber Park or the developers. Stay tuned…