Vinnie Bacon for Fremont council 2012?

3 Oct

Vinnie Bacon, a two time candidate for city council, will most likely run again for city council. Bacon has told supporters that he has a greater than 90% chance of running for Fremont city council in 2012. He ran for Fremont city council in 2008 and 2010 unsuccesfully. Will the third time be the charm or will it be three strikes and you are out?

Bacon is a member of the local Sierra club chapter of the bay area and holds a degree in life sciences from University of Wisconsin. He also completed a degree in planning and transportation engineering from Cal Berkeley. Bacon was turned down for planning commission in 2008 by Mayor Bob Wasserman. In March, 2011, He was appointed by Mayor Bob Wasserman to the economic development commission on the City of Fremont.

Bacon came on the political scene due to his concern for the environement. Bacon did a lot of work on the measure K campaign and became interested in politics. Interestingly, Bacon came on the opposite side of the previous champion of the environment, former Mayor Gus Morrison, on Patterson ranch and it’s development.

Bacon has had a good showing so far, but he has not been able to pickup the support of majority of the local mainstream groups in Fremont. Bacon did not get endorsements of the majority of these groups and he also did not get endorsements of majority of the elected officials and prominent citizens of Fremont.

However, Bacon got a lot of support from a relatively new outfit in town called FCN. Fremont Citizens Network and it’s leader Kathy McDonald challenged the status quo. Vinnie Bacon shared in their vision and a new collaboration was formed. Bacon and the FCN became one of the biggest critics apposing the A’s move to Fremont.

McDonald declared her candidacy along with Vinnie Bacon in 2010. Some questioned whether this was a smart move while others believe that it helped Vinnie get the extra 8,000 or so votes that McDonald received as his second vote.

Bacon also benefited from the second vote from incumbents Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan. Both candidates were jockeying for first position and supporters may have contributed the second vote to Bacon rather than the other incumbent.

Bacon has done well with the environmental supporters and anti-incumbency factions. Will the anti-incumbent and environment vote be enough for Bacon to win?

Bacon also has pitched in a lot of money to fund his campaigns. Although I don’t know the exact figures and haven’t reviewed them personally, I have heard numbers of $40,000+ being loaned to Bacon’s campaign by Vinnie Bacon. How long can a candidate keep putting money into his campaign?

Is it the right time for Bacon or has he peaked already?


3 Responses to “Vinnie Bacon for Fremont council 2012?”

  1. Jim October 4, 2011 at 6:02 pm #

    Vinnie’s a nice guy but I’m thinking he won’t be able to win. He’s made a lot of people mad with the half truths. Somebody needs to fact check this guy.

  2. Mark October 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    Vinnie didn’t win because of his association with the so-called Fremont Citizen’s Network and his reluctance to stand up to them and their censorship of differing opinions.

  3. fabuloso November 2, 2011 at 12:26 pm #

    Jim – links to the specific “half truths” would be great – perhaps you could provide some

    Mark – anyone close to the ongoing dialogues in the FCN knows that the claims of “censorship” within the FCN site were completely without merit and had far more to do with either a lack of understanding as to how the site functions and/or a desire on the part of detractors to make hay out of . . . . . nothing.

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