AW – After Wasserman

8 Jan

The period after Wasserman’s passing will be an important time for the City of Fremont. What should the city council do?

In accordance with California State law, Government Code Section 34902 (a):

In the case of a vacancy in the office of the mayor for any reason, the council shall fill the vacancy by appointment. If the council fails to fill it within 60 days, it shall call an election to fill the vacancy to be held on the next established election date to be held not less than 114 days thereafter. A person appointed or elected to fill a vacancy shall hold office for the unexpired term of the former incumbent.

The city council has two options: 1) Fill the vacancy within 60 days 2) If the council is unable to find a consensus, then leave the vacancy unfilled and allow the next election in November, 2012 to decide who the Mayor is. The second option will result in four council members and may become an issue on contentious votes where a clear majority is lacking to pass motions.

The Fremont city council will be discussing this exact issue this Tuesday.


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