Passing of a Great Mayor

8 Jan

With the passing of Mayor Bob Wasserman, the city has changed forever. Wasserman’s memorial at Harbor Light was a great tribute to the former Mayor. Amongst the attendees was a “Who’s Who” of local big shots. Rabbi Avi Schulman said that Wasserman was a mensch. Wasserman was indeed well respected by many segments of Fremont society.

Amongst the attendees were State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, Senator Ellen Corbett, Assembly member Bob Wiecowski, former Assembly members Alberto Torrico and John Dutra, Supervisor Scott Haggerty, former Mayor Gus Morrison, all city council members, planning commissioners, and many other prominent citizens of Fremont.

Many speakers relayed inspiring and sometimes funny stories of their beloved Mayor. Former fire chief, Dan Lydon, said that Wasserman “left his fingerprints on Fremont.” Almost everyone mentioned Wasserman’s love of food and how it united him to the various cultures of Fremont. Dan Wasserman relayed the love of his father through a family spokesperson. The family also made a mention of Wasserman’s close relationship with City council members, especially Bill Harrison.

Wasserman’s greatest legacy may be the uplifting of various ethnic groups of Fremont and including them in civic affairs including local boards and commissions. Wasserman was a strong Mayor and he showed his strength by not bowing down to popular opinions and standing up for tough issues even if the going got tough.

The period after Wasserman is a crucial period and the next Mayor has big shoes to fill. Who will be the strong Mayor that Fremont needs to take her to the next stage?


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