Fremont Mayoral drama unfolds

11 Jan

Tuesday’s city council meeting was memorable. First, it started with an open mic tribute to Mayor Bob Wasserman. It was later followed by the drama over who should become the Mayor.

The rules:
1. The majority of council members could not be appointed per California law (i.e.-there could only be two appointments on council). This rule prevented a council member from becoming Mayor and then having his or her seat appointed. This also was a problem since it really didn’t expand the council from 4 to 5.
2. The council member who was nominated for Mayor could not vote on the matter.

The drama:
1. Dominic Dutra took the lead by declaring that he may be looking to run for Mayor and it would not be proper for him to apply. Indirectly, this was an argument that also applied to Council members Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan. Dutra also made a pitch that the council should support a current council member over an outsider. Sue Chan followed the cue and commented that she was not planning to run for Mayor and she would consider being appointed Mayor.
2. Dutra nominated Sue Chan. Neither Harrison nor Natarajan supported this and voted against it. It killed this motion.
3. The only motion that prevailed was that the vacancy was to be announced and filled quickly within approximately two weeks.

Certainly, the Mayoral appointment will bring many people out to apply for this position. Let the games begin.


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