Applicants for Mayoral vacancy

21 Jan

I had the opportunity to review the applications of the candidates for the mayoral vacancy earlier in the week. Based on politcos, the decision will be based on four criteria:
1. Will the the person run for city council or mayor in 2012?
2. Will the person be “apolitical?” This would mean that i) person wouldn’t rock the boat by ramming things down the other council members throats, ii)carefully selecting candidates for city commissions that are acceptable to the majority of the council, iii) no endorsements for Mayor iv) won’t run in 2012.
3. How will the person politically impact the individual council members? Will they be an ally? Could the council member sway them to support their own agenda?
4. What would Wasserman want (WWWW)?

Select Applicants
David Bonaccorsi in his own words: “I pledge that I will not run for Mayor in the upcoming November, 2012 election” Bottom line: Bonaccorsi says he won’t run for Mayor, but will he run for Council?

Don Driggs in his own words: “I have no affiliation with any political group…”
“As the caretaker Mayor I will maintain the status quo…”
“I have no political aspirations beyond serving the city…”
“The Ed Lee Maneuver will be totally avoided.”
Bottom line: Driggs has been a city manager and claims to be apolitical.

Peter Dubinski in his own words: “All citizens have a responsibility to pickup the civic ‘baton’ ”
Bottom line: No mention of whether he will run in 2012.

Dan Lydon: “With my background I believe I can contribute in a manner that would be beneficial to the City of Fremont, it’s business community, and most importantly its’ residents.”
Bottom line: Lydon has been the Fire Chief, planning commissioner, and is generally considered apolitical.

Dirk Lorenz: “I am the most (current) senior member of the Planning Commission…”
“There were concerns voiced about those who have been appointed to other offices having to pledged not run and decided differently.”
“Speaking for myself, I will not run for either the Council or the Mayor position this November as I have a lease with the City that expires in 2013.”
Bottom line: Lorenz has also been a planning commissioner and says he will not run for Council OR Mayor. He also makes a jab at Dominic Dutra about “having pledged (to) not run and decided differently.” Lorenz stepped aside for Dutra in the 2010 appointment process.

Gus Morrison: “With an extensive background in the governance of Fremont, including 25 years on the City Council with 14 years as Mayor, I am eminently qualified qualified to fill the vacancy…”
“I would like to state clearly and unequivocally that I do not intend, under any circumstances that I can imagine, to be candidate for anything in November.”
“In all humility, there is no one else with the proven experience and demonstrated service, with the unique skill set the job requires , or with the positive track record of helping Fremont grow and prosper.”
Bottom line: The former Mayor has had experience for the job since he did it for 14 years and is well positioned, but ultimately it will be the politics that will decide the decision.

Pauline Weaver: “”..I have a breadth of experience not only withe the City and its organizations , but outside of Fremont as well.”
“I view this position as an ambassador for Fremont. Although I will be a placeholder for the remainder of the term, I will fully participate.”
“I have no plans for major changes of direction and new ideas to implement.”
“You should all understand that I am promising I will not run in the November elections, or anytime after that, for Mayor or Council.”
Bottom line: Pauline Weaver is saying the right things but she hasn’t been visible for past eight years.

Daniel Wilkowsky: “I have no intention of running for the Office of the Mayor, now or in the future, or for a future position on the City Council.”
Bottom line: Wilkowsky won’t be running in 2012 or in the future.

Next Steps and Timeline for filling the Vacancy:
The City of Fremont is holding a special meeting on Monday, January 23, 2012 to decide which process to use to select the mayor.
On January 30, 2012, the council may finalize the selection of the Interim Mayor.


2 Responses to “Applicants for Mayoral vacancy”

  1. Bill_Fremont January 21, 2012 at 3:46 pm #

    I can’t believe Pauline Weaver said she has no new ideas. Duh ! We don’t need a dummy.

  2. bbox231 January 22, 2012 at 8:35 am #

    History suggests that we take lightly the promise to “not run” in the future.

    And, what difference does it really make – except on purely a political front? Who cares? From the perspective of the taxpayers and electorate, isn’t this just an opportunity to see somone get in front and do the things that have been left laying for so long? And, if they don’t, if they just continue the “get along to get along” mentality of the current council, isn’t this just an opportunity to eliminate them from the list of full-term candidates?

    So curious when one of the major factors being discussed and considered is seemingly CONTRARY to the public interest.

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