Reflections on Fremont Mayoral appointments

31 Jan

There were some interesting developments at yesterday’s Mayoral appointment of former Mayor Gus Morrison.

Sue Chan and Dominic Dutra seem to be on the same page as it relates to city council. Usually, one will take the cue from the other. Lately their votes have been very similar. Both Chan and Dutra voted for Dirk Lorenz as highest ranking.

Don Driggs was universally ranked the lowest. This was no doubt related to his inability to articulate his vision during the interview. Driggs was asked to stop speaking when his time ran out, but he insisted on “letting him finish anyways.”

Beth Hoffman was ranked in fifth place by all except Anu Natarajan. Natarajan surprised everyone with this vote. It doesn’t hurt that Hoffman represents an important voting constituency in Niles.

David Bonacorrsi was ranked third by everyone except Sue Chan. This no doubt must have related to Bonaccorsi’s past support of Chan in her 2008 election campaign and his grasp of planning issues. Bonaccorsi defined the words “Interim Mayor” and distinguished that from “Mayor” in representing a temporary person who would work collaboratively with council.

Bill Harrison ranked Dan Wilkowsky first while everyone else ranked him 4th or 5th. Wilkowsky had an impressive resume as an elected USD board member, but at times didn’t specifically answer the question at the interview. However, he did highlight the difficult budget tasks he had in Modesto and other municipalities.

Both Bill Harrison and Natarajan ranked Dirk Lorenz in fourth place. Dirk Lorenz answered all of the questions and said the right things. Lorenz said that he had “credibility” and he “was a known entitiy.”

Gus Morrison made a mention of being media savvy and he “knew how to talk to the media.” He said he would not say “he would have tacos for dinner.” This obviously was in reference to the discussion on Fremont Politics a few days ago. The city council chamber was full of laughter. Thanks for the plug Mayor Morrison. The rest is history…


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