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Nadia Lockyer saga

25 Feb

It keeps getting worse for Nadia Lockyer.

News of the week

25 Feb

Ed Pentaleri was appointed to the planning commission uneventfully at Tuesday’s council meeting. Unlike a decade ago, planning commission appointments are rarely challenged once the Mayor nominates them.

Other news:
Solyndra is not the only solar company in Fremont having financial troubles. However, that doesn’t qualify as “solar death row” as mentioned in the article.

A sick guy who has got a serious problem keeping his hands to himself gets arrested.

Solyndra building up for sale

Another Mayor behaving badly.

Potential Fremont Planning Commission appointment tonight

21 Feb

Ed Pentaleri, a member of the Historic Architectural Review Board is being considered for the planning commission appointment at tonight’s city council meeting. This will be the first “big” appointment that will be made by Interim Mayor Gus Morrison. Ed Pentaleri appears to be a historic buff`and a past supporter of Councilmember Anu Natarajan.

Apparently, former Mayor Bob Wasserman was not a fan of Pentaleri as he was passed over for a previous appointment in 2008.

Second Fremont Policeman arrested for DUI

14 Feb

Fremont Police Department is having some serious problems with DUI.

Fremont policeman charged with DUI

14 Feb

A Fremont Policeman was charged with DUI in Dublin, CA. It’s interesting that the police station declined to comment stating that it’s a private personnel matter.

Nadia Lockyer admits to affair and substance abuse

14 Feb

Nadia Lockyer admits to affair and substance abuse. Read more here and here

Nadia Lockyer attacked by ex-Boyfriend

11 Feb

Nadia Lockyer was attacked by ex-boyfriend per husband Bill Lockyer. Read more about it here.