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Pete Stark’s opinion on Health Reform

23 Mar

Pete Stark’s My Word column in the Bay Area News Group outlines the benefits of the health reform.

City council meeting

20 Mar

Those guys with the green shirts, Save Kimber Park, are back at council chambers. Their leader, Christina Broadwin, is requesting that the fence around the park be taken down. She said that the developer does not care about Kimber Park and wants the property to be maintained as a recreational facility. She promises to return in April’s city council meeting to voice the group’s opposition to any development.

The city is considering having a “pay to stay” program which will house sentenced misdemeanor defendants. The facility will be much more cushy that the state jail. This will be a fundraising tool for the city. Plan to spend $155 per night and will include meals. It also won’t require much additional costs in staffing. Anu Natarajan wants to have a council retreat there. Now there is endless drivel about how great the jail is…

Appointments made to commissions:

Historical Architectural Review Board – Rajesh Verma
Historical Architectural Review Board – Moina Shaiq
Historical Architectural Review Board – Alta Jo Adamson
Economic Development Advisory Commission (Commercial/Industrial) – Deep Chakraborty
Economic Development Advisory Commission (Commercial/Industrial) – Ruth Chao

Harrison’s motion on changing the police building’s name in honor of Bob Wasserman passed 5-0.

Meeting adjourned.

Harrison proposes to name the Fremont Police building after Wasserman

20 Mar

In tonight’s city council meeting, Councilmember Bill Harrison has an interesting referral to council.

Here is an excerpt from the council agenda:

“I am proposing that we direct staff to name the Fremont building after Retired Fremont Police Chief and former Mayor, Bob Wasserman.
Bob Wasserman served the people of Fremont since 1976, when he was appointed chief of police; he was elected to the City Council in
1992 and was elected mayor in 2004. Chief Wasserman was instrumental in building the Fremont Police Department to the outstanding
department it is at now…”

Take the poll, what do you think?

Mattos Elementary receives money

13 Mar

Singer Sara Bareillis brought money to help keeep the music at Mattos Elementary. Read more about it at ABC News.

Fremont News

1 Mar

A few local newsbits:

Even Fremont gets an occasional barfight in our quiet little town. Two drunks got in a fight at the Mojo Lounge. Read more here.

Hell’s angel gets arrested in Fremont.

Western Digital in Fremont hit with EPA fines.

Fremont’s day care zoning amendment was moved forward by the planning commission.

A tattoo parlor is coming to Fremont’s Niles District.