Fremont Mayor’s Race 2012

12 Apr

It looks like the political season is about to begin as mayoral candidates gear up for November. As of now, the big three contenders for the vacancy are former councilmember Steve Cho, Councilmember Bill Harrison, and Councilmember Anu Natarajan.

Cho has already been meeting with folks seeking endorsments and contributions since the beginning of this year. Cho already has a website up and running. Quote from Cho’ website:

No matter how large or small a city is, the Mayor must be available to every single citizen who wants to voice a concern. This is my single most important commitment to you.

Literally overnight, Councilmember Anu Natarajan’s website has been updated to include details of her run for Mayor. Here is a link to Natarajan’s website. Quote from Natarajan’s website:

I am pleased to announce that today I am kicking off my campaign for Fremont Mayor, and I hope you will join me! I am running for Mayor because Fremont is a great city, and I want to lead Fremont into an even brighter future.

Councilmember Bill Harrison has also been making moves, and everyone assumes he will be announcing soon as well.

Stay tuned…the 2012 year is about to heat up.


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    […] have former city councilmember Steve Cho, and current councilmember Anu Natarajan who have already announced. Cho and Natarajan haven’t listed their endorsements as of now. It will be interesting to see […]

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