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Anu Natarajan strikes back with a few quotes of her own

25 May

Not to be outdone by Bill Harrison, Anu Natarajan has a few quotes of her own from appointed councilmember Dominic Dutra, school board member Lara York, and Anil Godhwani from India Community Center.

Quote from Dutra:

“I’m both honored and thrilled that Anu has listened to the numerous people who have encouraged her to serve as the Mayor of our great City. With her vision, talent and character, we can be assured that our future is a bright one!!” – Dominic Dutra, Fremont City Council member”

Quote from Lara York:

“I am proud to support Anu Natarajan for Fremont Mayor. Anu understands the importance of great schools for a strong city. I know with Anu as our Mayor, schools will continue to be a core strength of Fremont.” – Lara York, Fremont Unified School District Board Member”

See for yourself here.

Warm Springs BART station gets a name

24 May

It’s official, the Warm Springs BART station will be called the Warm Springs / South Fremont BART Station. KGO (or KCBS?) AM radio was making fun of it…”Why can’t they have only one name? Geez…”

Read more about it here.

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Bill Harrison is running for Mayor of Fremont

24 May

This picture says it all. Bill Harrison is being endorsed by Supervisor Scott Haggerty, former Assemblymember Alberto Torrico, and the late Bob Wasserman. Unfortunately, the late Mayor is not around to endorse Harrison in person or provide a quote.

Here is the quote from Torrico:

“I enthusiastically endorse Bill for Mayor. Bill has Fremont in his heart with everything he does. He would be the first Mayor born and raised here, he has run a business that has been in Fremont since 1954 and has served us well on the City Council. Bill is the leader I trust to move us forward.” Former Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico

Here is the quote from Haggerty:

“Bill has the vision and leadership to make Fremont an even better place to live, work, shop and raise a family. He has the experience to bring good paying jobs to Fremont, keep our streets safe, and help our schools. I proudly endorse him.” Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty.

The race for Mayor of Fremont has now become competitive. We already have former city councilmember Steve Cho, and current councilmember Anu Natarajan who have already announced. Cho and Natarajan haven’t listed their endorsements as of now. It will be interesting to see who gets what endorsements and whether it translates into votes.

See Harrison’s statement here.

News of the week

16 May

Click on the links for updates:
– Suspected Fremont Burglar arrested.
– Man struck and killed by Amtrak train in the Niles District
– Fremont pet rule tough on residents.

FUSD contracts and financial woes

14 May

Fremont Unified School District is suffering some financial problems. Apparently, FUSD is the only district in the state with a “No lay off” clause in the contract. Here is the excerpt:

The story is more complicated in the Fremont Unified School District, possibly the only district in the state with a no-layoff clause in its teachers contract. As a result, every year the district hires scores of teachers on temporary contracts, then notifies them all that their jobs could be ending. So Fremont sent out 250 teacher pink slips, union President Brannin Dorsey said. The district enrollment is growing, so nearly every year most of those teachers are rehired, although many seek out jobs elsewhere in the meantime. – Mercury News 5/14/12

Read more about it here.

However, the FUSD can raise the school class sizes, which they apparently did. Read about it here.

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SF Chronicle endorse Mark Green

8 May

Apparently the San Francisco Chronicle is taking an “activist” role lately. SF Chronicle has been loving all of the political drama starting from Mary Hayashi’s shoplifting to Nadia’s indescretions to attacking Pete Stark. Now they have gone too far…they have endorsed “Feisty” (or should I say Mean?) Mark Green over Hayward City councilmember Bill Quirk for the 20th Assembly seat. What do you think?

Eric Swallwell gets the BANG’s endorsement also

8 May

Swalwell has won over the media, but he’s got work to do to connect with the people. Here is the BANG endorsement.