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Vinnie Bacon has a few endorsements of his own

25 Jun

Vinnie Bacon has lead the way in kickoffs, defining his positions, and now endorsements in his bid for city council. According to his website, Bacon has received the endorsements of Fremont School board member Lily Mei, ACWD Board Members Marty Koller and Paul Sethy, AC Transit Board Members Joel Young and Jeff Davis, and others in the region.

Bacon claims over 90 people attended his kickoff earlier this month.

Sue Chan launches new website

24 Jun

Sue Chan had her kickoff Friday, June 24, 2012 in Fremont, CA. According to attendees, there were many elected officials and Asian American office holders. Absent from Chan’s event was mayoral candidate Steve Cho.

Sue Chan has launched a website and has a significant endorsement list here.

John J Dutra announces two endorsements

24 Jun

John J Dutra, candidate for Fremont City Council, announced on Facebook that he was being endorsed by School Board Member Lara York and congressional candidate 2014 Ro Khanna.
Read more about it here.

Women vs. Men

24 Jun

Much has been made in recent months for the need of more women in politics, especially minority women, in the Tri-City area. This has especially intensified as the political season is going underway.
Some candidates have even taken the position that the reason they are not being supported is because they are a woman. To answer the question if this is true or whether it’s being regurgitated to solicit votes or create an issue, we undertook an analysis of the big boards in each town, the ones that make the majority of news clips – the City Council and School Boards.

Here are the numbers:

Fremont City Council:
Morrison, Harrison, Dutra – 3 men
Chan, Natarajan – 2 women (both minority)

Fremont School Board:
Gebhardt, Sweeney – 2 men
Wu, Mei, York – 3 women (2 minority)
Student Board Member: Tong – woman

Fremont Totals: 5 men vs 5 women (6 if you include student board member)
Minority women representation: 4 out of 5 = 80% (5 out of 6 if you include student board member = 83.3%)

Union City Council:
Green, Navarro, Ellis – 3 men
Gascoscos, Duncan – 2 women (both minority)
If Carol Dutra-Vernaci wins Nov 2012 (which is expected since no Richard Valle), then it will be 3-2 women:men

Union City School Board:
Canlas, Cheema, Matthews – 3 women, all minority
Dino, Ritchie – 2 men

Union City Totals: 5 men vs 5 women
Minority women representation: 5 out of 5 = 100%

Newark City Council:
Nagy, Freitas, Marshall – 3 men
Apodaca, Collazo – 2 women (both minority)

Newark School Board:
Mensinger, Rodriguez – 2 men
Thomas, Schaefer, Crocker – 3 women

Newark Totals: 5 men vs 5 women
Minority women representation: 2 out of 5 = 40%

Based on this, one can conclude that the representation of women and men is equal in local city councils and school boards. Further, one can deduce that minority women are represented in significant numbers in local boards.

What are your thoughts? Answer this poll:

Bill Harrison announces run for Fremont Mayor

18 Jun

City councilmember Bill Harrison got some coverage on Fremont Bulletin on his announcement for Fremont Mayor. Besides what’s been said already, here are some new quotes:

Harrison said creating new jobs is key to the city’s economy and overall well-being. He added he’s been proud of the work he’s done on the city council over the last six years, and hopes to continue that effort as Fremont’s new mayor.

“My colleague and friend, the late mayor Bob Wasserman, always said a mayor needs a clear vision to lead our great city,” he said. “I believe my deep roots in Fremont, business experience and work on the city council have enabled me to address our community’s needs, helped me be a leader on important issues and understand what it will take to ignite another great chapter in Fremont’s rich history.”

He said he believes the fact that he is a native of Fremont is one of the factors that will get him elected, as he says he knows what the community wants and needs that includes further job creation, helping small businesses grow and keeping neighborhoods safe

“Growing up in Fremont, my parents Herb and Gerry Harrison always said if you want a better life for your family, you have to improve the community around you. They showed me by example what it meant to be a leader. They taught me the importance of giving back to the community and how to make Fremont a better place to live, work, shop, play and raise a family.”

News of the week

18 Jun

Sorry folks…I am on vacation. I thought I’d blast this out while I’m still on my trip.

News of the week:
Jehovah’s witness loses big in molestationsuit.

Tesla Motors will begin delivering Model S cars this week to customers.

Urban Land Institue encourages Fremont to “build it and they will come.”
Hear the audio clip from KCBS here.

Fremont road-rage sends bicyclist to the hospital.

Residential shooting sends woman to hospital.

Fremont made it on the Wall Street Journalagain..for Solyndra building that is on sale.

Fremont parents get into a scuffle at Blacow Elementary School.

Fremont contractororder to pay $170,000 for worker’s death.

Richard Valle gets appointed Supervisor for District 2

11 Jun

After a deadlock at the last superviosor’s meeting, Richard Valle was appointed as a Supervisor for District 2 today. The two original members who had voted for Ana Apodaca, Keith Carson and Scott Haggerty, withdrew their support for Apodaca. Carson made the motion to appoint Apodaca and it was seconded by Scott Haggerty. Valle was appointed with all supervisors voting on his behalf. Valle will have to start preparing now to run for the November election. Everyone assumes Mary Hayashi is running for the seat.

This certainly clears the field for Carol Dutra-Vernaci to become Mayor of Union City.