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Mary Hayashi is running for supervisor

22 Jul

Despite her personal struggles, Mary Hayashi is running for Supervisor this November. Appointed Supervisor Richard Valle and Union City Mayor Mark Green are also planning to run. Read more about it here.

Steve Cho can cook

20 Jul

Steve Cho and Yan

Steve Cho can cook…but can he become the next Mayor of Fremont?
Yan from “Yan can Cook” joined Steve Cho Thursday night for a campaign appearance. Steve Cho had over 125 people there including School board member Lily Mei, Maria Vera-Yee, Henry Yin, David Sheen, Anna Muh, David Bonaccorssi, and many others.

Save Kimber Park prevails again

18 Jul

Save Kimber Park won yesterday at the city council meeting. The Protect Fremont Open Space initiative was approved 3-2 by the city council without requiring a vote of the people.
The ballot had been certified by Alameda County and was scheduled to be on the November election. City Council chose to adopt the initiative as written despite concerns that it would require unanimous support from all five council members in the future for any change to a parcel currently zoned as private open space.
As with any initiative, there are unintended consequences. Many properties such as cemeteries, historic sites, pge & utiliy sites, etc. were included in the initiative. As a result, zoning will be have to be changed for the affected parcels requiring city staff time and expense.
Councilmembers Bill Harrison and Sue Chan voiced concerns about adopting the initiative as written. They wanted the citizens to vote on the initiative to decide for themselves.
What do you think?

Steve Cho and Lily Mei signs up

16 Jul

Steve Cho and Lily Mei Signs up all over Fremont

Literally overnight, signs for mayoral candidate Steve Cho and School Boardmember Lily Mei are all over Fremont. Mei is running for reelection to the Fremont school board. She serves as the current President of the Fremont School Board.

It appears that Mei has aligned with Steve Cho, while her counterpart Lara York has aligned with Anu Natarajan.

What do you think of these alliances? Will they pay off?

Desrie Campbell announces for Fremont School Board

9 Jul

Fremont School board member Bryan Gebhardt announced a few months ago that he will not be seeking reelection to the Fremont School Board in November, 2012. It is also speculated that Ivy Wu may not run for reelection in November. This would open up one, perhaps two, open seats on the school board.

Desrie Campbell announced yesterday that she is running for Fremont School Board this November. Here is an excerpt from her announcement:

Today I am announcing the kickoff of my campaign for Fremont Unified School District Board of Education, and I hope you will join me. The City of Fremont is fortunate to have some of the best schools in the Bay Area. However, Fremont is seeing, as is much of California, a noticeable decline in funding which impacts the district’s ability to provide help to students at all levels.

I am running for office to be an advocate for our students. With less and less funding coming from Sacramento, I will continue to partner with Foundations, the City, FUSD and the community to seek creative ways of raising money. I will work for all students to help them achieve at all levels of academics. This will require that our students have the best learning environment and state-of-the-art facilities that are both clean and safe.

I am a qualified and effective leader and a public servant. I maintain a passion for students and for learning which I am eager to put to use on behalf of the School District. A few of my qualifications and experiences are:

President of Fremont Education Foundation
Member of the Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee for Fremont Unified School District
City of Fremont Human Relations Commissioner
Past Chair of the Fremont Education Foundation Gala
(helped raised over $25,000 for teacher grants)
Former Chair of the Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women
Former Board Member for the Fremont Family Resource Center
In the months to come, I look forward to meeting you to share more with you about my campaign, and to see how together we can help our children achieve and be the very best they can be. My sincerest thanks to you for helping to give our children a voice in these challenging educational times!


Desrie Campbell
Candidate for Fremont School Board

John J Dutra kickoff

7 Jul

John J Dutra claims to have over 120 guests in attendance for his campaign kickoff. He got some coverage in the Fremont Bulletin as well. Here are some quotes from Dutra:

Two of his primary reasons for running for the council include improving communication with Fremont Unified School District, and development of the Warm Springs Study Area around the Tesla Motors factory and future Warm Springs Bay Area Rapid Transit station

– Wes Bowers, Fremont Bulletin

“If there was someone out there with my development experience and economic development experience that could help move this forward, I wouldn’t be running,” he said. “And that’s where I fit in. If you have that perspective on the council, like I have, we can get this done.”

Sounds like it’s going to be a classic battle of the developer vs the environmentalist. What do you think?