Mary Hayashi is running for supervisor

22 Jul

Despite her personal struggles, Mary Hayashi is running for Supervisor this November. Appointed Supervisor Richard Valle and Union City Mayor Mark Green are also planning to run. Read more about it here.


One Response to “Mary Hayashi is running for supervisor”

  1. bbox231 July 29, 2012 at 12:32 pm #

    This says it all – – –

    Others way in –

    And, unlike what Ms. Hayashi would like you to think it is NOT just “detractors”. . . . .

    Here is a Cut and paste from the BANG 7/26 link (above)) –

    Mary Hayashi seeks a supervisor seat: say what?

    Apparently, Hayashi is more than a high-end shoplifter. She is also delusional. Generally speaking, politicians don the “I’m just like you” facade as soon as they announce they are running for office, from dogcatcher to president.

    That is, unless they were caught shoplifting at the high-end San Francisco Neiman Marcus store.

    No, Hayashi is not at all like her constituents. The residents of San Leandro, Hayward, Castro Valley and Oakland, as a rule, do jail time if caught stealing $2,445 worth of clothes.

    Not Hayashi; she is connected. Her husband, Dennis, is an Alameda County Superior Court judge. She has been supported by the Alameda Labor Council and she is in thick with all the Democratic Party honchos.

    Yep, she is just like you and me — not. She claims research indicates she can win. I doubt it. Generally speaking, most voters abhor stealing, lying and arrogance.

    Charles T. Smith


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