Raj Salwan appointed to Fremont City Council

14 Jan

Raj Salwan secured the most votes to become the next city Councilmember. Salwan layed out many specifics to help secure the most votes. He emphasized his city government experience along with his business experience and was able to differentiate himself from the others by his track record. He got two top votes and one third vote to win the appointment. David Bonaccorsi came in second place while John Dutra came in third place.


8 Responses to “Raj Salwan appointed to Fremont City Council”

  1. Chinmoy at 3:14 am #

    The ARGUS is way off in noting that with the appointment of Dr. Salwan, the Asians have acquired a majority. There is no evidence that before this appointment, Sue and Anu have consistently voted the same way because “they are Asians.” And I don’t think Raj will consistently vote with the because “he is Asian”

    Now regarding this non sense about being from the Dutra family and hence not being provided the opportunity to hold office. This non sense politics has permeated our city politics with the ascendancy of some of the current honchos on the local Democrats. This runs against the grain of “the large tent” philosophy of the Democrats. Democrats don’t care what you are born as. Instead, it is all about whether you are capable or not. Having watched the interviews, John Dutra was extremely impressive in an otherwise boring process. He was the only one who used a conversationalist style, espoused his vision by reading occasionally from his notes. He didn’t seemed coached as others, some of whom did not lift their eyes from their notes.

    Anyway, congratulations to Raj for being the choice of the Council. And I hope he brings not only a diversity of thought on the Council but also some independent thinking instead of feeling obligated to consistently vote with a group or camp.

    • Bill_Fremont at 12:22 pm #

      Chinmoy, maybe you were watching a different video but the John Dutra I saw was not very articulate. He did not even answer some of the questions and didn’t offer solutions to any of the questions.

      • Chinmoy at 8:40 pm #

        There was only one broadcast that night. So we watched the same show. But judging from your reply, it seems you watched it with colored glasses and without your thinking hat. I did just the opposite.

  2. Bbox231 at 7:41 am #

    Why so defensive about the ethnic mix of out council Chinmoy? Argus – to my way of thinking- said nothing about how the group would vote and simply reported that the resulting council ethnic mix now more closely reflects that of our city. Odd that you would feel a need to leap to a defense of voting practices. Wonder what you know that the rest of us do not……

  3. Bill_Fremont at 8:34 am #

    It’s nothing new.
    Chinmoy has a long history of overreacting.

  4. Chinmoy at 4:03 pm #

    Bbox231, I didn’t say “Asian majority”. News organizations such as the Argus said that. When will the US press cease its stupidity of pigeonholing people on their ethnicity. Raj was born and raised here. I didn’t see ethnicity based label for Bill Harrison or Vinnie Bacon.eve Cho may only look Chinses, but since he was raised here in the US since he was in diapers, I find it amusing when folks call him Chinese. Ask the Chinese here and they don’t consider him Chinese. So Joe Biden is Irish or is he an American.So telling the folks to cut the nonsense of labelling peoople on how they look instead of calling then just Americans just like they do for Bill is Vinnie is not being defensive. Seems to that you have misplaced notions like many and that you are brash to consider my comments the way you do.

  5. bbox231 at 6:46 am #

    Chinmoy, you clearly have made a “U”-turn in your argument. Even you group indivdiuals together for reasons you dont make clear in your original post and which any reader can only assume is related to the issue of genetic ethnicity.

    YOU singled out Susan and Anu, as an example of some common ingredient.

    But then YOU call out Argus’ statement that Asians have achieved a majority on the council – and then YOU continue to make the leap that SOMEHOW ARGUS was suggesting that they would vote the same!!!!!

    In your most recent argument, you’ve NOW opted to attempt to make the distinction between genetic ethnicity and nationality. Which are two separate questions and which you DID NOT make as an argument in your initial statement and which ARGUS never mentioned!!!!! This is clearly a lame attempt to defend your obvious and original bias.

    You’ve clearly estabslished yourself as highly sensitized to the issue of race and ethnicity, which is fine, I know many indivdiuals feel the way you appearently do – – but, ont his count, please dont attempt to hang out Argus to dry for something that is clearly YOUR personal issue.

    I’m sure Raj appreciates your support.

  6. Bill_Fremont at 11:52 pm #

    Raj Salwan is doing a great job on city council. He’s smart, effective, and appears to be able to get stuff done. I think the city council picked the right guy for the job.

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