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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Arden Wala October 8, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    To All Fremont Mayoral and City Council Candidates,
    I am not interested who has the most endorsements. As a Fremont Resident here are my questions:
    1. How often do you drive on Fremont streets? Have you seen their condition? Look at the state of Fremont Boulevard (named after the City) and Paseo Padre. Why would businesses move into Fremont when the roads are in despair? The Centerville Business District is only few years away before it will be considered a blythe.
    It has been noticed that some of the candidates residential areas have gotten a fresh coat of asphalt while the City streets are still in despair.
    2. When will the Residents of Fremont get back services that the City owes them?, eg. Sidewalk repair and maintenance (it was the City who chose the types of trees that were planted by their Contractor which have been now uprooting the sidewalks) and Police response to residential alarms that were taken away.
    3. How can the City of Fremont contract with Allied Waste that allows them to bill the citizens and force them to pay 2 months ahead even before services are provided? Have any of you paid for anything before services are provided?

  2. bbox231 October 13, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    Arden – The problem is that so few members of our community will bother to vote. WHile the majority of Fremont taxpayers endure the kinds of nonesense you describe, the very few who DO participate in the voting process receive the benefit and attentions of our incumbants and the many clones lined up on the ballot who are ready to take their place.

    To make a productive change we need to encourage many more members of your communiy to vote. But, of course, the next trick is to figure out who to vote for and who will work in YOUR interests, and not the interests of the select few. Fremont has a wonderful legacy of delivering many, many names to the ballot in election years and the sad news is that a majority of these names are ready to guarantee the exact same results you describe in your post.

    Making the distinction is easy, Arden. Look closely at the web sites of the candidates and single out the very few who have the courage to be openly critical of current incumbants. . . . . . all others are shills guaranteed to deliver on the very same problems you describe.

    If you want a change, please, appeal to your neighbors and friends and encourage them to participate in this upcoming election.

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