Just When I thought I was out…

8 Dec

“Just when I thought I was out. They pull me back in.”

Apparently, Fremont Politics fills a need and is being called out to continue coverage of the local scene. With the end of election cycyle, I thought Fremont Politics could use some rest to allow for a cool down period after a heated election cycle. I was hoping to leave the beat altogether…


Kimber Park compromise struck

21 Nov

Approximately a year after the Fremont City Council made Kimber Park a study area, the two sides finally reached some sort of compromise at yesterday’s city council meeting. Although the residents of Kimber Park had somewhat of a disjointed message, the bottom line was that they were willing to agree to a smaller size facility as long as the there was a deed restriction to prevent future residential development and the facility was designated as private open space in perpetuity.

The city council unanimously agreed (5-0) to approve the preliminary planned district, certify the EIR, and look at language to redefine private open space so that the recreational uses as they exist today could be classified as private open space.

Some of the compromises made were rooted in the previous planning commission meeting where the developer agreed to concessions to remove the business center, commercial center, and lodging. Although trust was a big issue by the Kimber residents, this movement demonstrated some good faith effort by the developer to allow Kimber Park residents to agree to some of the compromises.

The meeting turned ugly when a resident of Kimber Park started attacking Councilmember Sue Chan for her decision to vote on this project when in the past she had recused herself. According to Chan, the conflict she had previously was no longer an issue. Mayoral Candidate Steve Cho also took a jab at Chan, but was stopped by Mayor Gus Morrison.

Plan on seeing Save Kimber Park return with big numbers once the precise plan is developed. Stay tuned…

Bacon and Chan win

7 Nov

Vinnie Bacon lead the way in the city council election Tuesday night at 18,517 voted. City Councilmember Sue Chan was a close second with 16,245 votes.


Bill Harrison wins for Fremont Mayor

7 Nov

Fremont Councilmember Bill Harrison wins with 35% of the vote. Steve Cho came in second place with 30% of the vote, while Anu Natarajan came in third place with 25% of the vote.

Harrison runs TV Commercials

11 Oct

Bill Harrison has introduced a new element to his traditional Mayor’s campaign. He is running TV commercials on the local comcast channels. Also, someone has made a viral video that is sure to get a chuckle. The next few weeks we will see the barrage of the mailers. Stay tuned…

Bacon, Chan, and Dutra endorsements

25 Sep

Vinnie Bacon has the endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Party and Sierra Club. Sue Chan has the endorsements of Fremont Fire, Alameda County Democratic Party, SEIU, IBEW, BGG PAC of Fremont Chamber, and Rental Housing Owners Association. John Dutra has the endorsement of the Realtors, Building Trades, Fremont Firefighters, Rental Housing Owners, BGG, and SEIU. The rest of the candidates don’t have much in the way of organizational endorsements.

Rakesh Sharma does have a website up now. Check it out here.

Harrison locks up majority of the endorsements for Fremont Mayor

24 Sep

Bill Harrison’s campaign has received momentum as he has received endorsements from the following organizations and groups in the past week: Alameda County Democratic Party, Fremont Firefighters, Central Labor Council, SEIU, BGG Pac of the Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Unlike individual endorsements, endorsements by organizations carry a lot of weight and can sway the general public. Natarajan has received the endorsement of Emily’s list and elected officials past and present some of which live outside the area.
The Fremont’ Mayor’s race promises to be one of the most challenging and exciting campaigns in all of Alameda county. Stay tuned…