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Raj Salwan appointed to Fremont City Council

14 Jan

Raj Salwan secured the most votes to become the next city Councilmember. Salwan layed out many specifics to help secure the most votes. He emphasized his city government experience along with his business experience and was able to differentiate himself from the others by his track record. He got two top votes and one third vote to win the appointment. David Bonaccorsi came in second place while John Dutra came in third place.



Six make it to Round 2 for City Council Vacancy

9 Jan

The following applicants got four votes (one from each council member):
David Bonaccorsi
Raj Salwan

The following applicants made the second tier and got three votes:
John J Dutra
Christina Broadwin
Yogi Chugh

Rick Jones got two votes. The rest didn’t make the cut.

Interviews and final ranking are next Monday at 5:00 pm.

Ohlone College Appointment interviews

13 Dec

Tomorrow is the big day for the Ohlone College board to interview potential candidates for the Ohlone College trustee. As everyone knows, the vacancy was created by the resignation of Nick Nardolillo after controversy surfaced that he lived in Livermore and not Fremont.

The following are the top candidates for the field as I see them:

Gus Morrison – Former Fremont Mayor and the longest serving Mayor in Fremont’s history
Robert Douglas – President of Ohlone Foundation, Former Fremont Planning Commissioner, and a Republican
Ann Crosbie – former candidate for Fremont School Board and active democrat
David Sheen – former candidate for Ohlone College board and member of Citizens for Better Community
Robert Brunton – former trustee of Ohlone College and one of the most controversial trustees in the college’s history

The opportunity is to finally get someone who knows what the heck they are doing. Ohlone College has taken a lot of flack for not following proper governance.

Vote in the poll for your pick for the Ohlone College Appointment: