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Harrison locks up majority of the endorsements for Fremont Mayor

24 Sep

Bill Harrison’s campaign has received momentum as he has received endorsements from the following organizations and groups in the past week: Alameda County Democratic Party, Fremont Firefighters, Central Labor Council, SEIU, BGG Pac of the Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Unlike individual endorsements, endorsements by organizations carry a lot of weight and can sway the general public. Natarajan has received the endorsement of Emily’s list and elected officials past and present some of which live outside the area.
The Fremont’ Mayor’s race promises to be one of the most challenging and exciting campaigns in all of Alameda county. Stay tuned…

Aziz Akbari in the News

24 Sep

Here is a video on the youngest candidate to run for Mayor, Aziz Akbari, and reaction from his opponents.

Anu Natarajan strikes back with a few quotes of her own

25 May

Not to be outdone by Bill Harrison, Anu Natarajan has a few quotes of her own from appointed councilmember Dominic Dutra, school board member Lara York, and Anil Godhwani from India Community Center.

Quote from Dutra:

“I’m both honored and thrilled that Anu has listened to the numerous people who have encouraged her to serve as the Mayor of our great City. With her vision, talent and character, we can be assured that our future is a bright one!!” – Dominic Dutra, Fremont City Council member”

Quote from Lara York:

“I am proud to support Anu Natarajan for Fremont Mayor. Anu understands the importance of great schools for a strong city. I know with Anu as our Mayor, schools will continue to be a core strength of Fremont.” – Lara York, Fremont Unified School District Board Member”

See for yourself here.