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Nadia Lockyer arrested on meth, child endangerment charges

5 Sep

Nadia Lockyer was arrested on methamphetamine and child endangerment charges on August 31, 2012. Read more about it here.

The fifth candidate for Mayor Aziz Akbari profile

17 Aug

Aziz Akbari is the fifth candidate in the Fremont Mayor’s race. Others include Councilmembers Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan, former city councilmember Steve Cho, perennial candidate Linda Susoev, and the latests Aziz Akbari. The Fremont Bulletin did a nice profile on Aziz Akbari. Here are some noteworthy quotes from Aziz:

“Things in Fremont have been going really slow,” he said. “We have so much going on here, and there’s so much potential, I really want to get things going.”

Akbari said he would like to restart Fremont’s corporate sector and attract more businesses, as well as increase retail options. He said he is already in contact with a number of corporate chief executive officers and retail franchise owners.

“Other candidates and council members have been on the council for years,” Akbari said. “I don’t feel like they’ve delivered. They give great talks each year, but they’re not delivering, and I think Fremont needs a new face. I have the skills and know-how to get things done.”

– Wes Bowers, Fremont Bulletin

Aziz’s entry is definitely a game changer in the Mayor’s race.

Steve Cho can cook

20 Jul

Steve Cho and Yan

Steve Cho can cook…but can he become the next Mayor of Fremont?
Yan from “Yan can Cook” joined Steve Cho Thursday night for a campaign appearance. Steve Cho had over 125 people there including School board member Lily Mei, Maria Vera-Yee, Henry Yin, David Sheen, Anna Muh, David Bonaccorssi, and many others.

John J Dutra announces two endorsements

24 Jun

John J Dutra, candidate for Fremont City Council, announced on Facebook that he was being endorsed by School Board Member Lara York and congressional candidate 2014 Ro Khanna.
Read more about it here.

Richard Valle gets appointed Supervisor for District 2

11 Jun

After a deadlock at the last superviosor’s meeting, Richard Valle was appointed as a Supervisor for District 2 today. The two original members who had voted for Ana Apodaca, Keith Carson and Scott Haggerty, withdrew their support for Apodaca. Carson made the motion to appoint Apodaca and it was seconded by Scott Haggerty. Valle was appointed with all supervisors voting on his behalf. Valle will have to start preparing now to run for the November election. Everyone assumes Mary Hayashi is running for the seat.

This certainly clears the field for Carol Dutra-Vernaci to become Mayor of Union City.

Warm Springs BART station gets a name

24 May

It’s official, the Warm Springs BART station will be called the Warm Springs / South Fremont BART Station. KGO (or KCBS?) AM radio was making fun of it…”Why can’t they have only one name? Geez…”

Read more about it here.

What do you think?

Bill Harrison is running for Mayor of Fremont

24 May

This picture says it all. Bill Harrison is being endorsed by Supervisor Scott Haggerty, former Assemblymember Alberto Torrico, and the late Bob Wasserman. Unfortunately, the late Mayor is not around to endorse Harrison in person or provide a quote.

Here is the quote from Torrico:

“I enthusiastically endorse Bill for Mayor. Bill has Fremont in his heart with everything he does. He would be the first Mayor born and raised here, he has run a business that has been in Fremont since 1954 and has served us well on the City Council. Bill is the leader I trust to move us forward.” Former Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico

Here is the quote from Haggerty:

“Bill has the vision and leadership to make Fremont an even better place to live, work, shop and raise a family. He has the experience to bring good paying jobs to Fremont, keep our streets safe, and help our schools. I proudly endorse him.” Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty.

The race for Mayor of Fremont has now become competitive. We already have former city councilmember Steve Cho, and current councilmember Anu Natarajan who have already announced. Cho and Natarajan haven’t listed their endorsements as of now. It will be interesting to see who gets what endorsements and whether it translates into votes.

See Harrison’s statement here.