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Six make it to Round 2 for City Council Vacancy

9 Jan

The following applicants got four votes (one from each council member):
David Bonaccorsi
Raj Salwan

The following applicants made the second tier and got three votes:
John J Dutra
Christina Broadwin
Yogi Chugh

Rick Jones got two votes. The rest didn’t make the cut.

Interviews and final ranking are next Monday at 5:00 pm.


The applications to fill the Fremont city council vacancy are in!

26 Dec

Ten people have applied to be appointed to the Fremont City Council. The applicants are:

John J Dutra – city council candidate (Nov ’12)& Economic Commissioner

Raj Salwan – Planning Commissioner & Chairman, Fremont Chamber

David Bonaccorsi – Planning Commissioner & local attorney

Christina Broadwin – leader of Save Kimber Park

Rick Jones – former police officer & city council candidate (Nov ’12) who almost tied John Dutra

Robert Brunton – former Ohlone trustee & Ohlone candidate (Nov ’12)

Rakesh Sharma – former plannimg commissioner & two time city council candidate (Nov ’12, Nov ’04)

Yogi Chugh – planning commissioner

Tariq Ali – technical guy who manages public pension funds

Robert Chavez – former NUMMI worker

Interviews are scheduled for January 14, 2014.

Stay tuned for more…

Bacon and Chan win

7 Nov

Vinnie Bacon lead the way in the city council election Tuesday night at 18,517 voted. City Councilmember Sue Chan was a close second with 16,245 votes.

Bacon, Chan, and Dutra endorsements

25 Sep

Vinnie Bacon has the endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Party and Sierra Club. Sue Chan has the endorsements of Fremont Fire, Alameda County Democratic Party, SEIU, IBEW, BGG PAC of Fremont Chamber, and Rental Housing Owners Association. John Dutra has the endorsement of the Realtors, Building Trades, Fremont Firefighters, Rental Housing Owners, BGG, and SEIU. The rest of the candidates don’t have much in the way of organizational endorsements.

Rakesh Sharma does have a website up now. Check it out here.

Rick Jones has a website up for Fremont City Council

27 Aug

Here is the website for Fremont City Council candidate Rick Jones. He sure has defined a big platform. Here are his career highlights:

Career Highlights:

32 year Fremont resident
Retired after 29 years as a Fremont Police Officer
24 years as a Hostage Negotiatior attached to the SWAT Team
5 years as a Traffic Officer
9 years as the School Resource Officer at Washington High School
Fremont public school parent
Current Employment – Fremont Adult School Traffic School Instructor
J.V. Girls Softball coach at Kennedy High School
Former Little League Baseball, Youth Soccer coach

He is also a registered Republican which may help him with the local conservative vote.

John J Dutra announces two endorsements

24 Jun

John J Dutra, candidate for Fremont City Council, announced on Facebook that he was being endorsed by School Board Member Lara York and congressional candidate 2014 Ro Khanna.
Read more about it here.

John Dutra announces his intent to run for Fremont City Council

30 Apr

Following Vinnie Bacon’s lead, John J Dutra announced on facebook his intent to run for Fremont City council in November 6, 2012. Dutra’s statement on his facebook page:

My wife, AnnMarie, and I are proud to call Fremont our home. Fremont is where my parents, John and Bernie Dutra, chose to settle and establish Dutra Realty in 1972 and where our family company, Dutra Enterprises, Inc., continues to thrive. It is where my wife and I have raised our three kids. It’s where I umpire Little League games, help out on weekends with Niles Rotary, and serve on the Economic Development Advisory Commission, helping to guide our city’s business development plan.
Over the years, Mom and Dad have always stressed the importance of “paying it forward” and serving the community that has given our family so much. Now, I would like to share with all of you, that after a great deal of consideration, I have decided to run for Fremont City Council in November.
Before deciding to launch my candidacy, I thought very seriously about this race, the experience I would bring to the table and my ability to help achieve our goals. My career in business and finance taught me the importance of vision, effective leadership and financial responsibility. As an EDAC Commissioner, I understand the importance of stimulating the local economy and a place to create jobs. As a parent, I know that families depend on high performing schools, places to shop, and public safety that is second to none. I believe that my combination of civic involvement, dedication and proven leadership can bring people together to help realize Fremont’s fullest potential in all these areas.
This campaign includes family and friends who share a vision of how politics should be and how government can better serve us. We believe in careful planning for a sound, promising future. Collaboration and input are cornerstones of the decision-making process. Above all, we are guided by our core convictions and the highest standard of integrity at all times.
With the election just months away, there is a great deal of work to be done. Over the next few days, we will be setting up an office, creating a website and planning a comprehensive strategy for reaching neighbors in every corner of the city of Fremont. In the meantime, I would be grateful for your guidance and support. I’d be proud to add your name to our growing list of neighbors who believe in my campaign. If you want to talk, you can reach me at (510) 364-0764 or e-mail me at john@dutraforfremont.com.
Thank you for standing again with me as my campaign for Fremont City Council gets underway. And I am humbled by your commitment to make it a winning one.
John Dutra
Member, Economic Development Advisory Commission
Candidate for Fremont City Council