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Planning Commission Appointment

6 Feb

Former police officer and city council candidate Rick Jones was appointed to the Fremont planning commission seat left vacant by City Councilmember Raj Salwan. Jones was sworn in with a unanimous vote of 5-0 at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Mayor Bill Harrison has one more appointment left on the planning commission which will replace the seat vacated by former Planning Commissioner Lisa Quan.


Planning Commission Vacancy

13 Dec

Planning Commissioner Dan Lydon termed out this month after serving on the commission since 2003. Lydon has served the City of Fremont as the Fire Chief since the 1960’s.

With Lydon being termed out, a vacancy has been created. It remains to be seen who will be appointed to this position. Untimately, the Mayor decides who he should appoint and city council usually will vote along with him. Potential candidates include Ed Pentaleri, Rakesh Verma, Beth Hoffman, John J Dutra, along with others (maybe Vinnie Bacon?).

What are your thoughts?