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Bacon and Chan win

7 Nov

Vinnie Bacon lead the way in the city council election Tuesday night at 18,517 voted. City Councilmember Sue Chan was a close second with 16,245 votes.

Bacon, Chan, and Dutra endorsements

25 Sep

Vinnie Bacon has the endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Party and Sierra Club. Sue Chan has the endorsements of Fremont Fire, Alameda County Democratic Party, SEIU, IBEW, BGG PAC of Fremont Chamber, and Rental Housing Owners Association. John Dutra has the endorsement of the Realtors, Building Trades, Fremont Firefighters, Rental Housing Owners, BGG, and SEIU. The rest of the candidates don’t have much in the way of organizational endorsements.

Rakesh Sharma does have a website up now. Check it out here.

Vinnie Bacon gets some big endorsements

31 Aug

Vinnie Bacon showed that he is ready for the big leagues by garnering the support of a few elected officials. Senator Ellen Corbett, Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, and Supervisor Richard Valle all endorsed Vinnie Bacon. If Vinnie Bacon gets a few endorsements of the big organizations, he might just get enough support to put him over the top. What do you think?

Rick Jones has a website up for Fremont City Council

27 Aug

Here is the website for Fremont City Council candidate Rick Jones. He sure has defined a big platform. Here are his career highlights:

Career Highlights:

32 year Fremont resident
Retired after 29 years as a Fremont Police Officer
24 years as a Hostage Negotiatior attached to the SWAT Team
5 years as a Traffic Officer
9 years as the School Resource Officer at Washington High School
Fremont public school parent
Current Employment – Fremont Adult School Traffic School Instructor
J.V. Girls Softball coach at Kennedy High School
Former Little League Baseball, Youth Soccer coach

He is also a registered Republican which may help him with the local conservative vote.

Vinnie Bacon has a few endorsements of his own

25 Jun

Vinnie Bacon has lead the way in kickoffs, defining his positions, and now endorsements in his bid for city council. According to his website, Bacon has received the endorsements of Fremont School board member Lily Mei, ACWD Board Members Marty Koller and Paul Sethy, AC Transit Board Members Joel Young and Jeff Davis, and others in the region.

Bacon claims over 90 people attended his kickoff earlier this month.

Sue Chan seeks reelection

1 Jun

Fremont City councilmember Sue Chan announced this morning that she is running for reelection to the Fremont city council. The hardest question for Sue Chan is not whether she wants to run for reelection, but rather how to navigate the waters with the other council candidates: Does she run as a slate with her supporter, John J Dutra, or does she try to maintain independence?

Sue Chan in her own words:

“Dear Friend,
It truly has been my honor to represent you and be your Voice on City Council for these past three and a half years. My work and service on the City Council has been both fulfilling and challenging, but there is still more I want to accomplish, for YOU, the citizens of Fremont. That is why I am excited to announce that I will be running for re-election for 2012!

No one can deny the difficulties the City faces on many fronts and yet Fremont’s quality of life continues to flourish. Our excellent schools, new entertainment and shopping opportunities at Pacific Commons and The Block, the new Warm Springs BART station, and developing plans for Midtown – there is so much to be excited about as we look toward the future.

I have worked hard to maintain safe streets, improve public safety, and promote economic development. Now, I am running for re-election to continue to:
proactively take steps to ensure our financial stability in these challenging economic times
improve our streets and roads
maintain and support existing businesses while bringing in new ones
create more jobs
champion affordable housing
improve our historic districts

These goals require proven leadership – YOU deserve no less. My experience on the Council will help me to continue to get things done. I remain committed to being YOUR voice on the City Council for the next four years.

Thank you for your confidence, continued support, and faith in me. Together we will build an even brighter future and realize the full promise and potential of Fremont.

Here is a link to Sue Chan’s website.

The stage for the mayoral candidates has been set and the city council race is shaping up…yet we still have yet to hear from other leading city council candidates. Campaign kickoffs are starting soon with Vinnie Bacon hosting the first one on Saturday, June 9th.

Vinnie Bacon announces for council on Facebook

17 Apr

Vinnie Bacon has officially announced on facebook (of all places) of his intent to run in the 2012 election for Fremont city council.

“I’m kicking off my campaign for Fremont City Council in 2012. Please ‘like’ my page and tell your friends to do the same.”

Vinnie Bacon has his website up and his ticker is starting to countdown to election day. Presently, it says there are 203 days to election day. Will Vinnie Bacon pull this off or will he go defeated again?