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Newark Mayor’s preliminary election results – VBM

8 Nov

I hope it’s not a long night with election results. I’m rooting for Ed Lee in San Francisco. How can you not like the little guy with the big bigotes?

Early VBM results so far have Al Nagy ahead of Ana Apodaca (1519 vs 986) but its way too soon to make any predictions. I’d expect more of Nagy’s supporters to vote absentee ballot while Apodaca’s would most likely show up at the polls. As suspected, Rodriguez has so far pulled some votes away from the others (587 so far). Stay tuned as the precincts begin reporting.

Newark Mayor’s race is heating up

23 Oct

If you were to go by the number of campaign signs in Newark, you’d expect Ray Rodriguez to win. However, elections are won by ground campaigns focused on door knocking, and voter calling. Just ask Ishan Shah, a candidate who put up a bazillion signs in his bid for Ohlone School board.

If you were to go by support outside Newark, Ana Apodaca would win it hands down. A large majority of Fremont and neighboring cities are campaigning for Apodaca. With that being said, the main result of the election will be dictated by the people of Newark.

Al Nagy doesn’t have much of a campaign, and Nagy has missed key endorsement meetings. However, Nagy has got the old guard behind him and that may ultimately put him over the edge.

I predict that this election will be a squeaker, and in Newark anyone can win as long as they get their people out to vote. Former Assembly member Alberto Torrico won with as little as 32 votes over the other candidate when he first ran for Newark city council in 2001.

Here is a link to Newark Mayor 2011

Newark Mayor’s Run

13 Sep

Ana Apodaca is taking on the Newark establishment in her upcoming race for Newark Mayor in November, 2011. Apodaca claims to be the “only forward looking candidate.” Unfortunate for Apodaca, the Newark die-hard club consisting of Washington Hospital Board Member Pat Danielson, Newark School board member Nancy Thomas, Shirley Sisk of LOV, and Mayor David Smith are all lining up behind their man, Al Nagy.

Things were looking good for Ana until Ray Rodriguez came on the scene. Rodriguez claims to have the support of our former assembly member, Alberto Torrico. Rodriguez, a Vietnam veteran, claims to have marched with Martin Luther King and has been a Newark school board member for over 15 years.

The Newark’s mayor race has just become interesting and I can’t wait to see how it shapes up. For what it’s worth, Apodaca got the endorsement from the Alameda County Democratic Committee. Will that be enough to unseat Newark’s old guard? Will Ray Rodriguez be the thorn in Ana Apodaca’s side? Stay tuned…