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Bacon, Chan, and Dutra endorsements

25 Sep

Vinnie Bacon has the endorsement of the Alameda County Democratic Party and Sierra Club. Sue Chan has the endorsements of Fremont Fire, Alameda County Democratic Party, SEIU, IBEW, BGG PAC of Fremont Chamber, and Rental Housing Owners Association. John Dutra has the endorsement of the Realtors, Building Trades, Fremont Firefighters, Rental Housing Owners, BGG, and SEIU. The rest of the candidates don’t have much in the way of organizational endorsements.

Rakesh Sharma does have a website up now. Check it out here.

Harrison locks up majority of the endorsements for Fremont Mayor

24 Sep

Bill Harrison’s campaign has received momentum as he has received endorsements from the following organizations and groups in the past week: Alameda County Democratic Party, Fremont Firefighters, Central Labor Council, SEIU, BGG Pac of the Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Unlike individual endorsements, endorsements by organizations carry a lot of weight and can sway the general public. Natarajan has received the endorsement of Emily’s list and elected officials past and present some of which live outside the area.
The Fremont’ Mayor’s race promises to be one of the most challenging and exciting campaigns in all of Alameda county. Stay tuned…

Aziz Akbari in the News

24 Sep

Here is a video on the youngest candidate to run for Mayor, Aziz Akbari, and reaction from his opponents.

Thermo Fisher Scientific buys 22 acres near Tesla in Fremont

7 Sep

Thermo Fisher Scientific has bought 22 acres just south of Tesla. Read more here.

Nadia Lockyer arrested on meth, child endangerment charges

5 Sep

Nadia Lockyer was arrested on methamphetamine and child endangerment charges on August 31, 2012. Read more about it here.