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Vinnie Bacon gets some big endorsements

31 Aug

Vinnie Bacon showed that he is ready for the big leagues by garnering the support of a few elected officials. Senator Ellen Corbett, Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski, and Supervisor Richard Valle all endorsed Vinnie Bacon. If Vinnie Bacon gets a few endorsements of the big organizations, he might just get enough support to put him over the top. What do you think?

Rick Jones has a website up for Fremont City Council

27 Aug

Here is the website for Fremont City Council candidate Rick Jones. He sure has defined a big platform. Here are his career highlights:

Career Highlights:

32 year Fremont resident
Retired after 29 years as a Fremont Police Officer
24 years as a Hostage Negotiatior attached to the SWAT Team
5 years as a Traffic Officer
9 years as the School Resource Officer at Washington High School
Fremont public school parent
Current Employment – Fremont Adult School Traffic School Instructor
J.V. Girls Softball coach at Kennedy High School
Former Little League Baseball, Youth Soccer coach

He is also a registered Republican which may help him with the local conservative vote.

Bye Solyndra…Hello Seagate

22 Aug

The business writer for BANG reports that the Solyndra building is under contract to be purchased by Seagate. Read more here.

New website with Pete Stark Quotes

20 Aug

Love him or hate him, Pete Stark has got some of the best one liners. The Swalwell campaign team has created a new website with the quotes.

Police enter a candidate in the Race

20 Aug

Former Police Officer and Fremont Council Candidate Rick Jones

Rick Jones is running for Fremont City Council this November. He is a former police officer and a former SRO officer at Washington High School. He was also Fremont Police Department Officer of the Year 2004. Visit his facebook page for more.

Certainly, Jones entry into the council race may complicate the support of the Police Officers Association for any other candidate. Jones will easily secure “public safety’s choice” title.

The Police are unhappy about the new pension cuts and the 4/10 hour day schedules. There is no one more committeed to the police’s cause then one of their own, right?

The fifth candidate for Mayor Aziz Akbari profile

17 Aug

Aziz Akbari is the fifth candidate in the Fremont Mayor’s race. Others include Councilmembers Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan, former city councilmember Steve Cho, perennial candidate Linda Susoev, and the latests Aziz Akbari. The Fremont Bulletin did a nice profile on Aziz Akbari. Here are some noteworthy quotes from Aziz:

“Things in Fremont have been going really slow,” he said. “We have so much going on here, and there’s so much potential, I really want to get things going.”

Akbari said he would like to restart Fremont’s corporate sector and attract more businesses, as well as increase retail options. He said he is already in contact with a number of corporate chief executive officers and retail franchise owners.

“Other candidates and council members have been on the council for years,” Akbari said. “I don’t feel like they’ve delivered. They give great talks each year, but they’re not delivering, and I think Fremont needs a new face. I have the skills and know-how to get things done.”

– Wes Bowers, Fremont Bulletin

Aziz’s entry is definitely a game changer in the Mayor’s race.

Another story on Pete Stark

17 Aug

Here’s another story from SF Chronicle on Pete Stark.