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Center Theater for Sale

10 Aug

After much battle with the City of Fremont, the owner of the Center Theater, David Siddiq, is selling the Center Theater and neighboring apartments for the asking price of approximately $2.5 million.

Recall that Siddiq was denied expanding the uses of the theater by the planning commission and city council. Then Siddiq threw a temper tantrum and demolished the inside of the theater. Now Siddiq is back to the drawing board, and selling the theater.

Siddiq and the City could not reach compromise in previous years over the price of the property. Unfortunately for Siddiq, the city doesn’t have all of the dough that it once did with redevelopment money forever gone.

What do you think should happen with the theater?

Center theater and Siddiq’s bluff

13 Sep

I read with amusement of David Siddiq’s decision to obtain demolition permits after he was denied intensification of the Center Theater by the Fremont city council. This was followed by his change in heart to abandon this idea and work with the city council and community.

I couldn’t help but think that this was just a publicity stunt that was propagated by the local media. Afterall, if Siddiq demolished the theater he would have vacant office space which is already in abundant supply in Centerville.

The media coverage lead readers to believe that the city council rejected the historic site’s use as a theater, when in-fact they only refused intensification of the use to include banquet hall, restaurant, and cultural center. The theater use was always permitted.

For anyone who thinks this is a very safe venue, please visit the site at 9pm and try to find parking, and ask yourself how safe do you feel.

I believe Siddiq thought that if he bluffed, everyone would fold and beg him to preserve the theater and give him his asking price.