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Bill Harrison wins for Fremont Mayor

7 Nov

Fremont Councilmember Bill Harrison wins with 35% of the vote. Steve Cho came in second place with 30% of the vote, while Anu Natarajan came in third place with 25% of the vote.

Harrison runs TV Commercials

11 Oct

Bill Harrison has introduced a new element to his traditional Mayor’s campaign. He is running TV commercials on the local comcast channels. Also, someone has made a viral video that is sure to get a chuckle. The next few weeks we will see the barrage of the mailers. Stay tuned…

Harrison locks up majority of the endorsements for Fremont Mayor

24 Sep

Bill Harrison’s campaign has received momentum as he has received endorsements from the following organizations and groups in the past week: Alameda County Democratic Party, Fremont Firefighters, Central Labor Council, SEIU, BGG Pac of the Chamber of Commerce, and many others. Unlike individual endorsements, endorsements by organizations carry a lot of weight and can sway the general public. Natarajan has received the endorsement of Emily’s list and elected officials past and present some of which live outside the area.
The Fremont’ Mayor’s race promises to be one of the most challenging and exciting campaigns in all of Alameda county. Stay tuned…

Aziz Akbari in the News

24 Sep

Here is a video on the youngest candidate to run for Mayor, Aziz Akbari, and reaction from his opponents.

The fifth candidate for Mayor Aziz Akbari profile

17 Aug

Aziz Akbari is the fifth candidate in the Fremont Mayor’s race. Others include Councilmembers Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan, former city councilmember Steve Cho, perennial candidate Linda Susoev, and the latests Aziz Akbari. The Fremont Bulletin did a nice profile on Aziz Akbari. Here are some noteworthy quotes from Aziz:

“Things in Fremont have been going really slow,” he said. “We have so much going on here, and there’s so much potential, I really want to get things going.”

Akbari said he would like to restart Fremont’s corporate sector and attract more businesses, as well as increase retail options. He said he is already in contact with a number of corporate chief executive officers and retail franchise owners.

“Other candidates and council members have been on the council for years,” Akbari said. “I don’t feel like they’ve delivered. They give great talks each year, but they’re not delivering, and I think Fremont needs a new face. I have the skills and know-how to get things done.”

– Wes Bowers, Fremont Bulletin

Aziz’s entry is definitely a game changer in the Mayor’s race.

Anu Natarajan’s list of endorsements

15 Aug

Anu Natarajan has posted her endorsement list for Mayor on her website. What are your thoughts?

Another Mayoral Candidate Aziz Akbari joins the race

13 Aug

Aziz Akbari is joining the Fremont Mayor’s race. Akbari is a student at USC and studying Mechanical Engineering. Visit his website for more: