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New website with Pete Stark Quotes

20 Aug

Love him or hate him, Pete Stark has got some of the best one liners. The Swalwell campaign team has created a new website with the quotes.


Another story on Pete Stark

17 Aug

Here’s another story from SF Chronicle on Pete Stark.

Don Perata endorses Swalwell

14 Aug

Another democratic heavyweight, Don Perata, has endorsed Swalwell over Pete Stark. See for yourself here.

Ro Khanna raises $250K at fundraiser

20 Nov

Ro Khanna raised $250,000 at a east bay fundraiser hosted at a Hayward restaurant Saturday. Amongst the attendees was Secretary Norm Mineta. Khanna’s success is certain to give indigestion to his competitors.

Update: Here’s a story in the East Bay Citizen.

Corbett begins fundraising

11 Oct

According to San Leandro Bytes, Corbett filed paperwork revealing that she had more than $300,000 in two campaign accounts. Apparently, she can transfer these accounts over to her Congressional campaign account. Previously, political pundits thought that she would not be able to transfer the funds. Looks like Corbett has a head start, but Ro Khanna is gearing up as well for two big fundraisers. Eric Swalwell is sitting at $70,000 raised so far.

Another story on Congressional race for Pete Stark’s Seat

9 Oct

Here’s the print version of Josh Richman’s story on the congressional race that is shaping up for 2014 (or 2012?).

More on Congress 2012 – not running, but raising funds?

4 Oct