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Planning Commission Appointment

6 Feb

Former police officer and city council candidate Rick Jones was appointed to the Fremont planning commission seat left vacant by City Councilmember Raj Salwan. Jones was sworn in with a unanimous vote of 5-0 at Tuesday’s city council meeting. Mayor Bill Harrison has one more appointment left on the planning commission which will replace the seat vacated by former Planning Commissioner Lisa Quan.

Raj Salwan appointed to Fremont City Council

14 Jan

Raj Salwan secured the most votes to become the next city Councilmember. Salwan layed out many specifics to help secure the most votes. He emphasized his city government experience along with his business experience and was able to differentiate himself from the others by his track record. He got two top votes and one third vote to win the appointment. David Bonaccorsi came in second place while John Dutra came in third place.


Thermo Fisher Scientific buys 22 acres near Tesla in Fremont

7 Sep

Thermo Fisher Scientific has bought 22 acres just south of Tesla. Read more here.

Bye Solyndra…Hello Seagate

22 Aug

The business writer for BANG reports that the Solyndra building is under contract to be purchased by Seagate. Read more here.

Harrison and Natarajan Signs are up

10 Aug

Not to be left behind Cho, Councilmembers Bill Harrison and Anu Natarajan have put up their political signs for Fremont Mayor. We can look forward to a lot of political signs from now until November.

Center Theater for Sale

10 Aug

After much battle with the City of Fremont, the owner of the Center Theater, David Siddiq, is selling the Center Theater and neighboring apartments for the asking price of approximately $2.5 million.

Recall that Siddiq was denied expanding the uses of the theater by the planning commission and city council. Then Siddiq threw a temper tantrum and demolished the inside of the theater. Now Siddiq is back to the drawing board, and selling the theater.

Siddiq and the City could not reach compromise in previous years over the price of the property. Unfortunately for Siddiq, the city doesn’t have all of the dough that it once did with redevelopment money forever gone.

What do you think should happen with the theater?

Vinnie Bacon has a few endorsements of his own

25 Jun

Vinnie Bacon has lead the way in kickoffs, defining his positions, and now endorsements in his bid for city council. According to his website, Bacon has received the endorsements of Fremont School board member Lily Mei, ACWD Board Members Marty Koller and Paul Sethy, AC Transit Board Members Joel Young and Jeff Davis, and others in the region.

Bacon claims over 90 people attended his kickoff earlier this month.